Launch free Amazon cloud server with public IP

Amazon Web Service (AWS)  provide free virtual private server using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud(EC2) that you can spin up for one year (terms and conditions applied). With t2 micro (or t2 small in some region) you can launch windows or linux server for training or experiment purpose.

For a public facing server, you might need an IP address that that doesn’t change in case of server failure that restart the server. You need an Elastic IP that keep the IP digits attached to your server so that your server will always be reachable after failure.

Severity Level: Beginner


  • Amazon Linux AMI – free
  • t2 micro instance type – free (750hrs per month)
  • Script – free
  • Elastic IP address – free ( when the server is running)
  • Inbound Data Transfer – Free
  • Outbound Data Transfer – 1Gb per month
  • Security Group – free

Lets swing into action


Login to your aws management console and choose EC2 from the services

Click Launch an Instance

Name the instance

Choose Amazon Linux AMI (free tier Eligible

Choose t2 micro EC2 instance

Tick “Allow HTTP traffic from internet”, “Allow SSH traffic from Anywhere”

  • Leave other settings
  • Choose advance, scroll down to user data and type the script in the textbox and launch the instance.

Let’s  attach Elastic IP address

From the left pane, choose Elastic IP under Network and Security

Choose Allocate IP address

Make sure the network border group has the region the instance is launch in and click Allocate

From the Elastic IP page, choose the new elastic IP, click action and choose Associate IP address

From the above page choose instance, click in the text box and choose the instance and click in the private IP address text box and choose the instance private IP address. Then click Associate.

Thank you

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