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Project Overview


Having worked with many payroll software over many years. We decided to develop payroll application that will stand-out among its peers.

Organisation with hundreds of employee takes days to prepare their staff payroll and take weeks to prepare schedule that relate with monthly payroll. In some cases, Accountant forget to implement deduction like loan, debt due to overwelming of the main task of staff monthly payment.

Facile payroll software was built to automate all the task attached to staff monthly payment. You are only required to input your staff details with their respective cader and the prepare their monthly payment with schedules such as PAYE, NSITF, ITF Pension.

It has some Human resourse features that infom the management of each department population, past months staff payment, staff loan balance among others.

The application has bee capability to handle hundreds to thousands of staff payment withing minutes.

It is a fully customised application can be modified futher to suite your business need.