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Project Overview

Any organisation whose operation depend on weighing will know that one  of the most sensitive offices is weighing department. Wrong input of weight figure could result into loss of million of naira.

WeighSoft Weighing Software is a fully automated for weighing processes.

It captures weight figure from weighing indicator and process according to your business specifications to generate transaction receipt without human manipulation.

It has the capability to send transaction notification to your company management and customer or vendor via email and sms.

It has some artificial intelligent to detect abnormal figure based on history of the vehicle or this goods weighed in the past to call for investigation of the weighing before posting.

You can access to various reports such as monthly report, customer transaction report, daily report. Daily trasaction report is completely automated and same is sent to company management with just one mouse click.

Using this software build trust  from your customer and vendor in your weighing system.