We offer networking services that facilitates a network operation by your team ensuring that they are linked and connected to enhance productivity. Our Network Services include access to the Internet, data and voice transmission, IP addressing, Domain Name System (DNS) Configuration, web content filtering, security products such as firewalls, VPN termination and intrusion prevention systems (IPS), and we have the necessary tools and staff to support these services.
We also offer Mikrotik router configuration service, a leading router that every business requires for seamless data and information transmission using load balancing, Hotspot Configuration, Web Proxy, Packet Firewall Filtering, Source and Destination NAT rules, Packet Mangle rules, Queueing and public IP configuration for office content accessibility within and outside the network.
We are very experienced in wireless networking that connect remote stations together for fast computer resource sharing and content accessibility using latest wireless devices that are made to bit distance barrier in computer and computer resources connection.
CodySense IT Solutions will deliver networking services that make your office resources available globally.